Feb 16, 2010

Zola Man

This drawing is called "Zola Man." I made this drawing because the drawing has a man who killed another man. The man's name is Zola Man. He killed three people in one day. So, he went to jail. He came out of jail. That is why he is killing another person. He doesn't like people. He's scared of other people. Zola Man was a teacher, but he killed the kids when they were talking. That is why he is not a teacher now. He was scared of cats. A kid got a cat in his house, so that is why he started to get scared of people. Sometimes, he is crazy. He is very stupid now. He is the stupidest man in the world. Then bye.


  1. En-Uk, maybe you're reading too many 'violent' comic books.

    Jeffery "Daddy" Hodges

    * * *