Feb 1, 2010

Old Man

Old Man

This drawing is called "Old Man." I made this drawing because I thought it would be funny. An old man is smoking a cigarette. He has a scar on his forehead. He fights a lot, and wins a lot. He is 2000 years old in 2010. He is an old man, and eats roadkill. His brain is no bigger than an ant's brain. He plays with kids running away from him, and he catches them. Bye.


  1. Anonymous9:16:00 PM

    Hi, En-Uk,

    The old man looks quite healthy for his age. But he must be weak, sometimes fall down and make a scar on the forehead. He shouldn't smoke if he wants to stay fit, don't you think?

    Anyway, it's always exciting to look at your art and read what you say about it. Keep doing, and I will be there to learn about what's going on in your mind . . . .


  2. Well, Mr. En-Uk, I would just ask if you watch cartoons or read read comic books in South Korea?
    What does the cross by his left eye signify?

  3. Yes, I watch cartoons and read comic books. The cross shows he is old, but it is by his right eye. Bye.