Feb 15, 2010



This drawing is called "Alien." I made this drawing because it has an alien that has an ear like a dog. It is an alien that kills people. The alien has a spaceship that looks like the one that Calvin has when he acts as if he is Spaceman Spiff. The alien's IQ is 3029. The alien doesn't like baths, like Calvin. The alien has 2000 other aliens as friends. The alien has only one 'pet.' If you make the alien angry, you will get killed. It kills 345 people in one day. They have only 23 space animals in their house. The alien likes food. If you give the alien a lot of food, then the alien would like you. The aliens have big houses. They are rich. They are proud of their money. They love money -- they love it more than food. They will kill you to get money. They will take the money away from you. So, don't take a lot of money when you're going out. Then bye.


  1. Obviously a xenophobic rant aimed at rousing earthlings to oppose alien immigration . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *