Sep 22, 2013



This drawing is called "Whale." I made this drawing because I like this whale. Bye.


  1. The whale looks at me.

    I look at it.

    Neither of us blinks. Obviously, it's a staring contest.

    After ten minutes of staring, the whale says, not blinking, "I'm bigger than you."

    "Oh, yeah?" I say. I swim away, eat five tons of shrimp, then swim back, now gigantic.

    "See?" I say, ready to explode. "Now I'm bigger than YOU!"

    "I'm impressed," says the whale. "But because you swam away, I won the staring contest." The whale smiles a biiiiiig baleen smile.

    Then it, too, swims away, into the dark ocean depths.

    Furious, I scream. In screaming, I explode, and five tons of shrimp scatter away, away, into the dark ocean depths.