Aug 21, 2012



This drawing is called "Bird." I made this drawing because I like this bird head. The bird is very smart. The birds brain is bigger than a persons brain. The birds name is "bird." It has a very big beak. It will soar a lot. It might bite if you get close to it. This bird lives in En-ukistan, and it's 10 years old. It eats people (if it can). It is 10 feet tall, and it weighs 20 kg. It is very tall. It likes to eat cake. It can eat chocolate. It can't eat an owl. This bird was first born on a planet called En-ukistain. The planet is very big. It is bigger than Korea! Ha! Ha! The planet has a animal called En-Uk. This animal is very strong and smart. It is stronger than any other animal in this world. It can kill any thing if it wants to, but because it is very nice, it doesn't kill people. Bye.


  1. We have some reliable news on alien life, at last! Ros-very-well!! (ask Dad, if the pun isn't clear, hee hee)