Jul 31, 2011

U-20 Won!

U-20 Won!

This drawing is called "U-20 Won!" I made this drawing because Korea won the first game by 2-0. Bye.


  1. Smith: U-20 won!

    Jones: What?

    Smith: I said, "U-20 won!"

    Jones: But I'm not 21. I'm 24.

    Smith: No, no, no: "U-20 won!"

    Jones: Smith, you're starting to tick me off, here.

    Smith: But why? Shouldn't you be happy that U-20 won? U-20 won!

    Jones: Gaaaah! I'm perfectly happy to be 24, thanks.

    Pearson: What's all this noise about, Smith?

    Smith: U-20 won! U-20 won!

    Pearson: But I'm actually 35!

    Jones: See, Pearson? He's telling everybody that they're 21.

    Smith: U-20 WON!!!

    Pearson: Good Lord, he's gone crazy. I'm calling the police.


  2. Smith is obviously an ungrammatical troll. Where's a 'Big Billy Goat Gruff' when you need one?

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  3. Jeff-- I gotcher billy goats right here.