May 19, 2011

Your Face 2

Your Face 2

This drawing is called "Your Face 2." I made this drawing because this is your face, too.


  1. The man with two faces . . .

    Jeffery "Daddy" Hodges

    * * *

  2. worse than Clint Eastwood at the beginning of his career, when he - at least - had TWO faces: with the hat, and without.

  3. tongue, it hangs from thin-thin lips
    the nose is in the air
    tiny eyes envision trips
    from here to over there

    sharper than a woodsman's axe
    no mien can quite compare
    you may have noticed that it lacks
    two earlobes, and some hair!

    earless, hairless cartoon dude
    I wonder what you think
    I muse about your favorite food
    and ponder what you drink

    candy, chocolate, blocks of ice
    cars and glass and brick
    let me give you some advice:
    be careful what you lick!