Oct 18, 2010



This drawing is called "Daddy." I made this drawing because I wanted to draw it. I drew it and thought that the nose was too big, so I erased it, and then I drew the nose smaller. I thought that the brow was too small, so I made it bigger. The drawing got better and better. I drew the hair, and it was too straight, so I colored it like a circle, and I thought, "That's better." I like to draw this kind of funny art. It might look like a monkey, but it's not. I think that it looks like my dad. This is one of the funniest works of art that I have ever drawn. I like this drawing, and I'm sorry that I did not post any art yesterday, but my computer had a problem. I think that I should write more for now, and I should make better art. Oh! And I drew some whiskers, and a mustache. This drawing has one meaning. You should find it. I put in a lot of my dad's features. The drawing has a lot of good stuff. You can get a lot of ideas from the art that I draw because my drawings are only in "En-Uk's Art Blog." I think I should draw more, and write more. It is good for me to do the art blog because my writing gets better. It is good to write better. I love art. The drawing that I have posted today is very good, I hope. I think that the drawing that I drew today is funny, and looks kind of like my dad. I like the drawing because I worked hard to draw it. The drawing is very serious. It doesn't have much action, but it is still the best kind of drawing that I've done. The drawing has good things to show people. It is a good drawing, I think. It has the most important stuff of all of my drawings. Bye.


  1. En-Uk, this morning, I started reading what you wrote above, and I hope to finish it in a couple of days. I'll get back to you . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *