Mar 1, 2010


This drawing is called "Happiness." I made this drawing because I like happiness. B-Bye.


  1. Happiness is a hot potato.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  2. Hi, Mr. En-Uk,
    I see by your answer on the cat picture that you would, probably, like a cat and can't have one in your life. And, I can't really get a cat to you or get you over here to the cat. I was just teasing, American style!

    So, I sent pictures to your dad. The grey and white cat(female) and the orange and white(male) don't have names. Maybe you could name them and I could periodically post videos of them to youtube, and they could be "your" cats in Salem, AR. They live here, but their buddy, En-Uk, lives in Seoul. Think about it and let me know. It would be good exercise for me,(trying to catch them on the video camera), and I would learn a new skill by figuring out how to upload to youtube. Let me know!

  3. Anonymous6:28:00 PM


    I really like happiness and so does Hayden. She also loves the colour pink - so she REALLY likes this picture. Very cool. ^^

  4. Hi Jeanie. The grey and white cat (female) could be "Crazy Cat," and the orange and white cat (male) could be "Orange And White." Bye!

  5. Thank you, Melissa and Hayden. I was going to use red, but I didn't. Bye.