Jan 21, 2010



This drawing is called "Hup." This drawing is "Hup" becaues a man lost his head, and there is a dinosaur in front of him. So, he got very scared. So, he is panicking. Bye.


  1. En-Uk,
    All that I can say is "wow"! It was my job for 20 years to use children's artwork as part of a test of their creativity. This piece would receive a very high score for these reasons.

    1.You have an object entering your picture while parts of it are left to the viewer's imagination(i.e. your dinosaur)
    2.You have used a description that incorporates a phrase like, "a man lost his head" and shown through your writing that you understand that to lose one's head really means to panic or lose control.
    3.You show through the artwork that something would be left if someone's head really did come off!
    I do have one question, however. What does Hup mean?
    keep up the good work,

  2. Thank you. Hup means like "Uhh!" It shows you're afraid.